Songs from the Dark

by painted coda

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This is the 2016 enhanced version of the debut album by painted coda with new recorded vocals and all tracks remastered.

This is the story of...


released May 6, 2015

All tracks written and performed by kanN
Album art by kanN

The wind sound at the end of track 7 is available in the public domain from



all rights reserved


painted coda

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Track Name: Hallway
Along this hallway
Countless doors stand still in space
Beyond this hallway
Nothingness will dominate
In this place
Track Name: Noises
Can't seem to find
The other door
Gather my mind
What is it for
Stillness walking
Where I came from
Umbra lurking
What is to come

Cleaning again
Clock ticks slowly
Cannot explain
The end to be

The sounds in the wall
The cries through the floor
Resound through the hall
Are they all to blame?
The cries in the wall
The sounds through the floor
Will not cease to be
Are they all to blame or me

No time to rest
Locking all space
Don't know what's best
Keeping my pace
Track Name: The Painted Chamber
Touching the knob, you decide to turn
Holding your light, you decide to go
Rubbing your eyes, you try to see
Into the dark, you descent the stairs

To go below, you must not look above
You try to find the thing that they call 'love'
Keep moving on, you will not look behind
Until the day you lose your way and mind

Red paint on the wall
Red stains on the floor
1 2 3 4 5 6, you count as you descend the stairs
Lalalalalala, you sing as you walk down the stairs

Sweat down your face as you miss a step
What time it is, you no longer care
Trying to read writings on the wall
But you cannot understand the pain
Hearing a noise, you have to stop
Blowing out the light, but it was not you
When the world turns into blackness
Closing your eyes, you call out her name

The portrait of her is still and calm
With nothing to say, she bathes in red
The gathering of the ghosts around
With nothing to say, they dance through the night
Track Name: Volition
Run away, it's not too late now
Nothing ties you here to this place
But is there anything you want
In the empty city outside
Leave this home, it's not too late now
Nothing binds you here to this place
Do you fear her hatred for you
Or is it the blackness outside
Will you choose to run away tonight?

Run away, it's not too late now
You have seen it all with your eyes
Walk outside into the forest
Through the shadows back to the town
Leave this home, it's not too late now
The wind sweeping through the nightfall
Soon the earth will be one colour
Still you have no will to go out
Will you never choose to leave this place?

Nothing outside
Only demise
Shadows crawling
Blackbirds singing
No one will care
For none out there

I will stay
Track Name: Stay
The time has come
I will not go
Feel no sorrow
I will stay with you
This is my fate
So I will not cry
You are my home
I will stay with you
The wind has blown
The night is here
The Dark is on his way tonight

Stay with me, won't you?