The Vanishing

by painted coda

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"With your vanishing comes the world's emptiness..."

The second studio album by painted coda.


released May 6, 2018

All tracks written, performed, and produced by kanN
Lyrics, album art by kanN


all rights reserved



painted coda

A progressive rock project

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Track Name: Dawn
Hey you, crying in the street alone
The sun will rise before too long
Will you try to live and see another dawn?

Hey you, carrying all your weights alone
And thinking you have to atone
But you're not to blame, so live on for a while
Track Name: Shelter
Did you try to run
Thinking you have somewhere else to go?
When will you be done
And stay right here with me?
There were once the days
In a house of sin and pain,
When there was no place for me
Until one day...

As the knife inside started to shout aloud
The blade gleaming in the dark inside the lifeless house

When I found you then,
You were the one who talked to me
That's when our story began
I thought you could be the one

Did you try to plan for my demise?
My only wish now is to see you cry
Blood will flow out of your hiding place
So come to me, don't be afraid
Did you know it's always night outside?
Stay in our room and don't ever tell a lie
I will be the one to shelter you
My love, you're mine alone

Why are you afraid?
I will protect you from the world
This place is our shade
So I boarded the windows up
Please do not tear it down
I hate to punish you
If I tied you up,
Would you let me hear your sound?

As the hatred in your eyes started to shout aloud
The blade you held in your hand was still far too weak

As the knife glimmers in the lifeless house...
Track Name: Devotion
In the void, born from a dust of hope
Watching life through a telescope

When the flowers bloom, when they wither
In this world that's full of hollowness
Passing by, for everyone's a blur
I try to find the thing called happiness

When the dark comes, I'm alone
Until you became my life
And my purpose has been shown
With the moonlight of the night
All of me belongs to you
Don't forget me when I'm gone
Disappear with morning dew

When I know the secrets that you hold
I will still be here until the end
Till the final moment of the night
You are, after all, my only friend
Track Name: Thread
Broken promise you have told
Seemed like yesterday to me
The countless letters that you wrote
I locked away and hid the key
Tried my best just to sustain
What we had, a life of hope
But you have broken my dreams again
Shattered glass around your rope

Why have you gone without me?
Why must you leave so soon?

What would you do when the other end of the thread is not in this world?
Through the river of the dead, I'll go to the end to find your soul

Broken promise you have told
Thinking back I still don't know
One day, the answer will unfold
As I walk further below
All the secrets you concealed
Hidden in your darkest cloud
They shook my ground and my belief
When what shattered was your vow

"As I descend lower,
The shadows thicken as if to suffocate all who intrudes
As I descend lower, lower, and lower,
I know there might be no turning back
No turning back to life
A dark body of water appears
Threatening to suck in all who stares into it
As a boat appears through the dim mist,
I am waiting to see you again"
Track Name: Obscured
One morning, as silence falls all around me
Another day has started anew
But the fog that spreads further than I can see
Conceals all my memories of you

Deserted is the town where we have lived
I do not know where they all have gone
No sound as if the world is asleep
Searching for you for many dawns
While angels sing...

All our photographs have faded away
And so have the pictures you have drawn
But the fog is here to cover all in grey
Searching for you for another dawn

And angels sing
Run away, run away
Fly away, fly away
With broken wings
Fade away, fade away
Cry away, cry away

When the shadows arrive, should I run or stay?
Will I disappear and will I see you again?
Holding onto my hope, I will find a way
To find you where only the shadows still remain

With your vanishing comes the world's emptiness
With no one around, there is only me on Earth
When there is nothing left, comes the darkest mist
That buries the path to the only truth

No sunlight here
Covered in grey
Where did my beloved go?
Hey, my angel
Why won't you guide?
Am I forsaken?

"Finding my way
We'll be okay"
Track Name: Portrait I
Hey mister artist, how do you do?
You look so lost and without aim
Your art is beautiful, it's true
And everyone else says the same
Hey mister artist, will you save me?
I know you seek a different path
It's not too hard, I'll set you free
And bring to life a darker art

Higher, higher
Hang my portrait for all to see
Higher, higher
But hide me away please

What are you hesitating over?
I have brought everything we need
I am no longer just a stranger
I'll be your model, so pay heed
This life is cruel, I'll be forgotten
It's time to take off all this weight
Leaving behind the place that's rotten
And let me live inside your portrait
Track Name: Portrait II
When you came to me, in the darkest night
A night without a moon
Not even the starlight
And I could still hear your tune
With a smile on your pretty face
And the eyes black as the sky
But in them, there was no trace
Of happiness inside
So I tried, and I tried, and I tried
To turn you back before it was too late
As you walked to my side
And begged me not to wait

Oh please, don't let me be free
For I would do anything it takes
To make a masterpiece just for me
And for thee, a dead end
A mistake

As you lay on the leaves below,
Your face shows no sign of sorrow
Track Name: Forgiveness
A caterpillar sheds skin and morphs into a pupa
The darkness that is within could fill up a jar
The clock that's always ticking, the sound that plays in your head
Reminding you it's passing, until all is dead

I am looking for someone who can see through these lies
The shadows that haunt me know how to disguise
Forgive me, old father, I am not who you want
Forgive me, the angels who have watched me till dawn

The face I always try on forsakes the colour inside
The cloak that I have forgone flies back full of pride
Collecting all of our sins, and hide them under ocean
Pretend they've not been seen, ignore the omen

Will you stay for a while
With the flowers of the Nile?
Cry away, cry away
Until the day that you're okay
Show me all of your scars
And let them shine under the stars
Cry away, cry away
Until the day that we're okay

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